Week #18 "A Perfect Lullaby"

When I decided to take on this project, I knew that it was going to be difficult, but I was thinking only in terms of how hard it would be to create a new song every week.
It would be tough, but I would end up a better songwriter, musician, engineer (well, that could only get better) and hey, I would end up with lots of new material to choose from.
What I wasn't prepared for was the emotional roller coaster that I was about to board.
Every week is different. Some songs are exciting and fun to create. I can't wait to put them up. I listen and listen. I get some beautiful comments and life is beautiful. I'm just plain giddy!
A week later, another song is evolving, yet not so effortlessly. Thursday Night comes. It has to be done,  but it's just not quite what I had in mind. It's a bit slow. I need to redo the vocals. Oh, I have some definite ideas for the lyrics, but I have no time. So I put it out. I just do it and I'm devastated! 
Stop thinking Susan! You're thinking too much!! Stop stressing and make some music, God damnit!  Now!!! Process... it's process!!

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