Friends with Benefits

 Welcome to my "FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS" page. You see, I am very lucky to have awesome friends! Oh, the benefits... well... you see some of these unbelievable people have uber talent!!! I'm sorry, what did you think I meant?    
Well...anyway... You're here, so why not? Check them out!

Some very important words written by a very wise young woman,
Manuela Gonzalez (13 years old)

The Truth

by Manuela Gonzalez

You think its a joke. Huh?
Well its not!
People feel, they don't forget, and they don't forgive!
You hear them talking about you
They call you names
They'll do anything to make sure you feel like nothing!
First, you think nothing of the comments, but then they become harsher and harsher!

Then slowly reality begins to settle in and you start to believe the NASTY, SPITEFUL things people say about you.
You begin to isolate yourself, move away from the people that LOVE you.

You begin to hurt yourself
Then you hurt the others around you
You become so lonely...... so hurt......... so broken inside
That you think everything is over
You think the others have won.
And one day you hurt yourself again
But it's not the same. You hurt yourself to an extent where you cant stop the bleeding.
And your happy about it.
Then your gone...........
FOREVER GONE..................

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Poetry and drawing
by Brianna Vaccaro (17)

Let's write about the wind, Let's forget about the people.

From mountain tops, to country sides
To fire pits, and long car rides
From walking quiet in the rain
To feeling like myself again
Through holding hands and making nice
And dreams of catching fireflies
A peace wells up inside my heart,
I call that peace “the wind.”

From Polaroid, disposable
To digital, mechanical
A picture of your heart is heard
Not seen, nor felt, but softly blurred
Through orchestras, or mp3s
or clicks of camera symphonies
A photo of the song of souls
To which I call “the wind.”

From sour voices, twisting words
And failed attempts of flightless birds
To aches and pains from countless fights
An unhealed wound of lonely nights,
The final rest after the climb,
The last breath breathed in record time
To close your eyes and rest at last,
‘At last’ I call “the wind.”

May My Heart Vary ‘Las No More

by Briana Vaccaro (17)

Sometimes its hard to forget
the things you swore you never said
The things that echo through my head...
those things I know that you regret...
Sometimes I think being sad at best
Might be the only answer left
Because you’re so far from the heart
But I was lonely from the start..
So kiss my lips and dont ask why
I feel its nothing best to lie
and there is no where left to die
just many nights alone and dim
Too many tears I spent on him
A tender tugging on my mind
almost too gentle to reply
but once a soul is lost at sea
there’s nothing else for me to be...
so toss my ashes off the ark
I’ve blown the light out for the dark

Gut Feeling
by Brianna Vaccaro (17 years old)

I knew it was the truth
oh, how I knew it from the start
I knew the things you said she said
were more than just a part
she was stirring up the moon beams
pretty eyes which held no heart
and who knew that time would tell
the time that you would soon depart

I was looking for the lonely
and I was looking for the gun
before the blood rushed to my head
and I had found that I was one
And when moonlight fell around me
and around me fell the sun
I had realized it was you who made me
win more than I’d won

So dont tell me that Im crazy
And dont throw me in with doubts
Id like to tell you that I love you
without you turning down your snout
For I knew it was the truth
and how I knew it from the sprout
If you had opened up your mind to me
and mind it when I shout

For I was certain that it was
but no way of coming clear
when I thought you said you loved me
should’ve known you still had fear
and to be honest, being scared
scares me more than I appear
So I guess Ill say Im sorry
And do my best to disappear    
       Drawing also by Brianna Vaccaro (at 15 years old)

Angelic monster
by Stanley Jacques (19)

She's a girl that u jus needa keep ya distance frommI try 2 b bold but she cold on the inside but hot on the out
She doesn't know the power of the body that puts me in a trance
She can get wat eva she wantz jus on her lookz she's able 2 remove her halo wen ever she wantz
She's hell's angel with a disguise, I looked in her eyes n felt I needed give her the prize
She had my heart go up n down, had me actin a clown,I was the kid n she was toys'r'us
She was jus 2 dangerous, I was adam n she was eve it was perfect no fruit touched not even a leaf
Chasing after her heart thinking Ima win b/c I'm placing, but it feelz lik I've been triped b4 the finish line
Had my heart pummeled still trien 2 find the lite through the tunnel
Only 2 find me lookin @ her smile, she knew wat she was doin,she had 2 hav me on file
She was the queen because I did nuthin but pheen, it felt ment 2 b but I blame me b/c I fell 2 fast
She was so impecable kisses were so sweet just strait delectable
I jus cnt believe she made it her own lil fable but the only reason I could understand is b/c I probably misunderstood
But she chewed up my heart like her favorite food. Now I jus wana let her knw loving her is the only way I wud want it 2 go
So for now I'ma walk wit ma brim bent n ma heart dim barely lite.