We're officially "Half Way There"

Well, it's official! We're "Half Way There", well, I'm half way there. Teddy's not much help these days, but I love him. 
I knew that this project would not be easy, but I really hadn't realized the extent to which it would take on a life of its own! 
Friends and family warned me. Don't do it! Write a song a month or maybe every two weeks. "Are you nuts?" they would ask, with all of the right intentions.
... And yes, they were right! What was I thinking? They were right and I love them and thank them for their compassion and honesty. 
That being said, if I had a "Back To The Future" - like time machine, would I make the same decision? YES... YES... YES!!! 
This project has given me gift after gift after gift!
I have learned and grown in all aspects of song writing and recording. I have met so many awesome people through my music! They are really great! Last, but not least, I have lots of material. My babies, my songs... 

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