The beginning!

I'm pretty sure that these were the 1st words written on my site. This was just the beginning:
 ... I'm talking some years ago, a really cool idea was presented by our acting teacher. We were all going to do our scenes in our underwear! Our performance would be real, volatile, exposed ... We would be vulnerable!!!
Vulnerable? Well, maybe this idea was cool, but I wasn't!... cool, that is! I was uncomfortable, to say the very least!
Well, this is going to be sort of like that!
For one year, I am going to be writing and recording one song per week and offering it as a free download. You can let me know what you think, if you like.
Yup... exposed, vulnerable, close to naked ... again!
Why call this project "Teddy and Me"? Well, Teddy is my 70 pound, golden retriever puppy. He just wants to play. He loves Chopin and has danced to the beat of my new ukulele. So, I figure that if I give him a bit of credit here, maybe he'll cooperate!! Well... maybe...
We'll see!!!
Oh, and if you would like to be notified of each free download, please sign up on my homepage.
Now, almost half way through... well yes, it is everything I thought it would be and everything I feared. Vulnerable? Oh yeah, over and over and over again.
This project has been like a child. I think about it when I'm not home. It's always pulling at my thoughts. Not now, I think. "Mommy has a life, you know!"  Always trying to think of ways to make it better. Sometimes, I just can't wait to send the emails, post my link on facebook and notify my followers on Jango radio. I am in love with the song. I'll put this one on a final cd... Yes, definitely!! Then, as I did this week, I hesitate. Wow, I preferred my 1st recording where I mumbled random words with just a piano and me. I send out the word, but so cautiously! No, week #23 is not one of my favorites. I like the song, but would do it so much differently. Well, it's too late now. It has to go out. Them's the rules. 
If I could go back in time, would I rethink this crazy committment? Not for a second!! As time/mind consuming as this has been, I have not one regret! This project has given me so much!! I am loving it!! It is feeding me with ideas for where to go next. I'm taking the scenic route, you know! 

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