"Bad Child" Week #43

 "Bad Child" was pure fun to write and record. One of the most important things that I've learned from this project, and I've learned a lot, is something that all musicians, writers and artists already know. I already knew this. Well, of course, it's so simple. Don't get in your own way! Don't over think what comes next. In fact, don't think at all. It's not always easy. Yes, I am reminded of this every week! 
Everyone has their own way of creating a song. Sometimes, I hit record, put my hands on the keyboard and just play and sing. It always starts out consisting of some random words, random sounds and pieces of melodies. Sometimes, when I am in the more advanced stages of writing, I check back to where I started. It blows my mind! This mishmash of notes, sounds and very random words along with an almost full sentence here and there is so moving! It's pure emotion!! I want to keep that!
I didn't want to get in the way of this song. This "Bad Child" just wanted to have a good time... and I did!! I hope that you like it!!  

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