"You'll Like It" Week #27

So, last night I posted "You'll Like It" with lots of hesitation. I put a tiny "Hope you'll like "You'll Like It"!" post on facebook and sent out my usual emails,
thinking, "I don't think they're going to ..."Like It". But, them's the rules, so I put it up there, quietly, and tried to sleep, which never happens on a Thursday night.
Sleep on Thursdays will have to resume in six months, when "Teddy and Me" has presented week #52, and no sooner.
This morning I woke to find a few beautiful emails about song #27. I was thrilled! 
With rested ears, I listened again! I like it!! O.M.G... I really like it! My rested ears like it! Yay!! I was down. Now, I up again! ... And so the roller coaster continues to fly at warped speed!
I have the two songs that I started and stopped this week. I think I like them, so I am ready to go back to the drawing board! I'm excited! 
Have a beautiful weekend!! 

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