"What To Do" week #6

 With the arrival of hurricane "Irene" and the departure of our electric for the next six days, this was a rough week. Although I was very grateful that we had a small generator that gave us a refrigerator, a few electrical outlets, one T.V. and INTERNET, it was kind of like Gilligan's Island around here. 
I have been trying to change my process from song to song. For this song, I started out with a very simple keyboard part, then I played piano lines as though they were lines in a quartet. 
This was actually the first song of the project, but feeling that it was a bit dark, I abandoned ship, picked up my new ukulele, went to the lighter side and worked on "Say Hello". 
Luckily, I had already put in the parts and was able to work with what I had. I'm glad that I brought it back.

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